Why I’m Here

Thanks for stopping by to say hi.

Finding My Voice Here started when I chose love over location. After nine years of China – living among hutongs and highrises in Beijing and a countryside community in rural Yunnan – I moved back to America in May 2013 for a special lady in New Haven, CT.

It’s now well more than a year after the move and I spent a few months in Hawaii, a few months in between places, joined a team to build a feel good Chinese food restaurant concept, and changed the way I interact with dogs – and myself.

I’ve come to realize that finding one’s voice is an ever-evolving process. When, where, exactly, do we find it? I’m curious what you think about some of the topics I explore. And I hope you’ll join me in the journey.

The end of 2014 reminded me how focused writing can be a powerful tool to better understand myself and others. It was an investment of time and energy that brought incredible clarity to my life.

In the wake of that realization, these days the journey has brought me to focus on a 60-day writing challenge. Once again, the time has been well spent. And the results? Have exceeded my expectations.

But before we both go, I wonder what question you might offer today – be it to me on this blog, or to another – to move a discussion forward that matters to you?



Looking for a place to begin?

My first attempt to start this blog via Why I Write.

My second attempt with Meaning Through Movement.

Some of my better work has started to emerge during this 60-day challenge.

My most vulnerable post to date, Moustaches and Mental Illness.

And some emerging thoughts on “sustainability.”

I’m interested in people and the people-experience.

What does it mean to flourish? How can I help people to realize their abilities and reach towards their full potential as I work towards mine?

How do we harness the powers of difference to bring us together rather than break us apart?

And how do we bring together groups of people that otherwise wouldn’t talk to each other, but would greatly benefit from each other’s experience and perspective.


Where to find me –

Bringing balance to Chinese food for everyday eating at Junzi Kitchen. In New Haven? Planning a visit? Have a craving for a chun-bing? Sign up for our tasty updates so we can let you know where we’ll pop-up next before our spring 2015 opening.

Beyond Finding My Voice Here on WordPress, I’m experimenting on About.me, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. I use LinkedIn and am afraid to return to regular Facebook usage.

And now, let’s get back Home to our regularly scheduled program.