Love is… The Path of Least Resistance?

I was wondering about all of us who choose the easy path, the path of least resistance.

Like everything, it sure has its advantages. Also, it’s disadvantages.

And what are those?

When we choose the path of least resistance for the important things in life, like our health, our work, our relationships, and more – what does that say about us?

What message are we sending to ourselves? To others?

And I further wonder, sometimes we choose not to fight, then other times what do we choose to fight for?

With whom we choose to fight with? Must we always fight alone?

When we choose the path of least resistance are we simply picking our battles?

Or are we choosing something or someone over ourselves?

Maybe we’re fighting for the best for ourselves and for our other(s)?

Sure, we might be fighting for both. But are we?

Or have we digressed into an either / or?

For / against?

Yes / no?

Possible / not?

This way / that way?

My way / the highway?

I read so many things that talk about how all the best things in life are worth fighting for, that all the best things in life take work, that anything worth doing is hard.

Maybe that’s why we settle for the path of least resistance. Because it’s a lot easier to let go rather than to face something we know will take work. Because the past plays a powerful role in the present. Because fighting for what matters definitely takes work.

But I wonder how much I’ll be walking on the path of least resistance in the future.

Because the most important things in my life I would hate to leave to chance. And they are absolutely worth fighting for.

Though whether it’s some thing or some one, I also have realized that whatever the fight, fights can rarely be won alone.


Everyday Choices

How often do you think about everyday choices?

How about the fact that every day is also a choice?

What did you do today?

Whatever it was, chances are, you chose it.

That goes for the whole shooting match – what we chose to do, where we chose to be, and with whom we chose to be.

The same is true for what we chose not to do, where we chose not to be, and with whom we chose not to be.

But the question that gets me about these everyday choices, is about the choices we live day-in and day-out as if they aren’t a choice.

I wonder about the hardest part of everyday choices – is it the choice to be excited about what we’ve chosen to do in our every day OR is it the moments we realize we chose not to be excited about our every day?

Sure, we have bad days. You do. I do. They do. Everyone does.

But exceptional exceptions are not the rule, nor are they the point.

What did you choose to do today? Where did you choose to go? With whom did you choose to be with? And what did you choose to not do and leave behind?

Would you make the same choice tomorrow?

Why or why not?