Food – the Best Medicine?

Last night I had a conversation with someone who had spent some time in Hong Kong. One of her biggest takeaways from the experience was the way that people looked at what they put in their bodies on a daily basis.

Food was not just food, but also medicine. Whatever was going into their bodies, mattered. And could energize you as much as it could cure ailments.

While I never spent significant time on Hong Kong, this was something I appreciated about my time in Mainland China.

The chance to see a different perspective on every day things.

Food as medicine? You mean, it matters what we put in our bodies?

Growing up as a runner it was always important to have a meal of chicken and pasta the day before a race – you know – for extra energy.

I suppose that considering the impact eating could have on the way our bodies perform was not a foreign concept.

But finding the balance of hot and cold foods, was always so interesting to me. Particularly when foods that appeared to be cool as cucumbers – like a mango or an ice cold beer – should be carefully balanced with cucumbers and an assortment of green vegetables with “cool” properties.

How do we find balance in our diets?

What does a balanced diet look like?

What do we know from our own cultures – and what insights might other cultures offer to us when it comes to right balance for daily eating?