The Best Thing Before Sliced Bread

I have loved bread ever since I was a little one. All kinds of bread. Almost any kind of bread.

Have you ever had a piece of bread with an incredible crust? The exterior is a bit hard and often gives way to a wonderfully soft inside.

Have you ever met a person who was a bit ‘hard’ on the outside? Take that however you like – be it the way they do things, interact with others, or even look. Do you appreciate them for how they are different? Do you enjoy this part of them? Do you ever get to their wonderfully soft inside that may perfectly compliment their crust?

Same Same, but Different


Having broken the Facebook routine once it was blocked in China, more time in America has further piqued my interest in how communication plays out on other platforms, such as Twitter. After reading, “Why Twitter’s new Conversations view is a big deal and why it matters for its IPO” by Om Malik, one question came to the surface:

As we become more interconnected, and express ourselves in a more similar way, what does this mean for our differences as people, cultures, and communities?


I found the image above on through a google image search for “same different”.

I also really liked the image below. Same Same but Different is an exhibition collective comprised of Brooklyn artists Jay Gaskill, Fabian G. Tabibian, and Amanda Valdez. Learn more on their Tumblr or their official website.