Passing the Buck

It’s easy to pass off just about anything to just about anyone.

And it’s especially easy when it comes to the way we feel about something or someone.

How often do we pass the buck to someone else?

“You are making this hard for me. Complicated for me. Challenging for me.”

“XYZ is influcing me in this/that/another way causing me to…”

But is that really true?

Aren’t we just using someone else as an excuse?

Or are we allowing someone else to dictate how we choose to think, feel, and ultimately react in those moments?

Taken to a larger scale, are we not just choosing to let someone else design our lives rather than designing ourselves or being a co-creator in that design?

Ultimately is it more about them or more about us?

Is that how you want to live your life?

But what might I be missing?

Can we make a general rule where the influence of others on us is more complex than our choice to let another’s needs, wants, goals, dreams, desires, orders, … regularly take a place ahead of our own?

Or will your examples just be exceptional exceptions?

Do you live your life as a designer? As a co-creator? Or as a purporter of exceptional exceptions?

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