Everyday Choices

How often do you think about everyday choices?

How about the fact that every day is also a choice?

What did you do today?

Whatever it was, chances are, you chose it.

That goes for the whole shooting match – what we chose to do, where we chose to be, and with whom we chose to be.

The same is true for what we chose not to do, where we chose not to be, and with whom we chose not to be.

But the question that gets me about these everyday choices, is about the choices we live day-in and day-out as if they aren’t a choice.

I wonder about the hardest part of everyday choices – is it the choice to be excited about what we’ve chosen to do in our every day OR is it the moments we realize we chose not to be excited about our every day?

Sure, we have bad days. You do. I do. They do. Everyone does.

But exceptional exceptions are not the rule, nor are they the point.

What did you choose to do today? Where did you choose to go? With whom did you choose to be with? And what did you choose to not do and leave behind?

Would you make the same choice tomorrow?

Why or why not?

2 thoughts on “Everyday Choices

    • Fantastic question, Marie 🙂

      Man, these questions really start to sound and feel like tongue twisters after awhile.

      I would say this is probably the choice one makes to let another make that choice for them. Which can be completely okay. As long as everyone involved is okay with this mode of operations. Or there is a way that balance can be found.

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