The Healing Touch

I heard someone speak today about healing.

To heal means we must experience some type of hurt.

And it’s hard stuff to grapple with.

I started to wonder if to simply hurt is to take the easy way out.

Sure, not dealing with hurt will mean the pain lingers and there is little chance to heal.

But what is it that keeps us from doing the hard work that enables us to free ourselves from the hurt and alleviate the pain on our way back to a better, more seasoned version of ourselves?

She suggested today that sometimes we can be healed and made whole by the simple touch of another.

In other cases, we need to be near others. Or to be near each other to achieve that sense of wholeness.

Though we are all different.

As so are our strengths. Our ailments. Our frailties. Our superpowers.

And we may feel hurt differently. Not to mention we may be at different places in the process on that hurt-heal spectrum.

Where does our hurt come from?

How do we heal when we’re hurt?

What space do we create / design into our lives to regularly heal?

Or how might we¬†regularly recharge, to proactively handle our hurt so it doesn’t overpower us?

I wonder what hurts more – moving from healed to hurt or hurt to healed?

Or, perhaps, I missed a question somewhere along the way?

You tell me.

I’m still trying to figure this one out myself.


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