The Photo Albums of Our Lives

There’s something about the past couple days that have me building on ideas around opening up to fear and change.

Why do we sometimes choose to freeze others in time?

Why do we sometimes insist that things can’t change because we’re looking at someone with the same lens today as if the past – that moment or those moments in time – were ‘it’?

This got me thinking about our lives as a large photo album. Our photo albums – analog, digital, or in our minds – are full of snapshots from different times and places.

We’re with different people and we’re different people ourselves.

Think about it –

When you look back at those photos – some memories that are fond, others that are not – are you that same person?

Are you the same person you were taking a bath as a toddler as you are today?

Are you the same person you were on that excursion out and about with your family as a teenager exploring new territory and having a blast?

Are you the same person you were when you moved away from home that first time?

Or when you started to establish roots as you grew into the early days of adulthood?

And though it can be hard to think about such changes on a day-to-day basis, as the weeks and months and years start to go by, we may not be giving ourselves – or those closest to us – enough credit for the changes they make as they continue to evolve.

And do we extend the same credit to ourselves for our changes, as well?

What snapshots do we continue to focus on in the photo albums of our lives?

How do they influence the way we see the world, those closest to us, and ourselves?

What new pictures do we plan to take? And what will be our favorite photos moving forward?

Or will we only look back to focus on what was in favor of creating the photos of our future?


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