You Are Welcome Here

During a recent talk I heard someone say:

“No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”

Simple. Warm. Inviting. Inclusive. Open-minded. Accepting.

Sounds like the way I wish others could always treat me.

Sounds like the way I wish I could always treat others.

How would our lives change if we accepted this and made an effort to welcome all those we meet with the same warmth in our time with them – be it a split second, a lifetime, or some amount of time in between?


4 thoughts on “You Are Welcome Here

  1. Great stuff MCK. Congrats on the new marriage! Sent the video to a friend who hates her life. Took it in for myself as well.

    See ya around the campfires. Becoming a member and getting baptized this Sunday, Hope to see you there to witness my stepping out of my comfort zone and choosing love over fear. Sandy


    • Thanks for reading – and sharing – Sandy. More campfire chats, indeed. Choosing love over fear is something you seem do so well, Sandy. Keep showing us the way 🙂

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