The Travel Mindset

I love to travel. You might feel the same way.

For me it’s about a change of pace, releasing myself from the routine, an explosion of ideas, seeing something different, learning from new experiences, moments of extreme focus, quality time with others, time for unadulterated relaxation, and a certain openness to anything that might come up.

In the end, one of the greatest things I find about travel is the mindset we pack and bring with us.

Are you in a similar boat when you travel?

Do you find yourself mentally prepared for just about anything to happen, ready to go with the flow if – and when – it does?

What if we adopted a travel mindset in our daily lives?

What if we brought the same sense of curiosity, adaptability, flexibility, and openness to almost anything we did or encountered?

I’m not sure I’m ready to settle with a blanket statement like: traveling without traveling is the key to true happiness!

But it’s worth thinking about what this mindset might do for us.


2 thoughts on “The Travel Mindset

  1. OK so what I’m thinking about is how one travels through time as well as space. Commonly “travel” means physically moving myself to a different environment, and as you said here, the act results in a psychological shift as well.

    But how about traveling through time? Do we not form new mindsets as the days go by, even if we were to physically stay in once place?

    If this seems to meta for some, it might be interesting to think about the recent calendar year change. On January 1st most of us rise with excitement and a take-charge spirit that we didn’t experience on, say, Dec 27th. Is that, strictly speaking, traveling?

    • You bring up an interesting question, theslurper. Why would we be in one mindset today vs. another mindset tomorrow, given no change of place?

      And my initial answer is far longer than an answer for a comment section. Look out for more detailed thoughts in the not too distant future.

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