Ripe for Resolution


This is not a new year’s resolution. This is just the right time.

As I’ve just gotten my “new endeavor” underway (i.e. my 60-day writing challenge), today I got to thinking about how many new endeavors are actually new.

It’s a little bit embarrassing to say this out loud, but I’ve been “working” on becoming a daily writer for the better part of two years.

I write every day. Many of us write every day.

But it wasn’t until my 21-day writing challenge last month that I made the day-in-day-out commitment to focus my practice.

I wrote every day, twice a day, to someone about something that mattered.

None of it was new, in fact much of it was old stuff. I just chose to look at and approach it in a new way.

It was incredible how it opened me up to parts of myself that I had not reached through regular verbal communication.

And it enabled me to find clarity within myself through the articulation of thoughts and feelings that I have not been able to articulate in a long time, if ever.

So while I don’t think new year’s resolutions work for me, I’m all for resolutions in general.

I do think they work provided the time is right – or ripe – to be resolute about something.

Speaking of peaches – did you know most varieties are only ripe for about 2 weeks?

Could that be just the right amount of time to make some progress on something ripe that matters to you?

2014 has been a hard year. It has also been the best year of my life.

Those 21 November days of writing brought me great clarity in heart and mind.

While I didn’t know exactly where I was going when I started, I was ripe for resolution in that moment.

And, as a result, I started and ended 2014 in radically different mindset.

After a month of digesting those thoughts, I’m eager to see where this 60 day cycle will take me.

But this isn’t only about me. What about you?

What have you been waiting for that’s ripe for resolution?

What have you been hoping will happen next?

And how do you move that mindset from hope to make it happen?

What is that one thing – that one step – you can do or take today to move forward that hope?

Think of where you’ll be in a few days when you take a step each day.

The time is right, so why not start today?

Then continue tomorrow. And we’ll see where we’re at the day after, okay?

Need a hand? Take mine. We can take a walk forward together.


Today’s image is more delicious than usual because when I think of ripe, I think about my favorite fruit.

And I don’t think of apples from New York or oranges from Florida, I think of peaches from South Carolina.

The photo linked me to an interesting episode of All Things Considered on NPR, Sweet Lessons from a South Carolina Peach Professor.

There were too many good quotes from this interview, but I love when Clemson University peach specialist, Desmond Layne advised us, “To pick a perfect peach, obviously you need to pick it off the tree yourself.”

And aside from giving credit for the picture above (courtesy of, do listen to those sweet lessons from Desmond Layne. I could practically see him fall down, blown away by the flavor of the Winblo he bit into.

But maybe you’d prefer a visual aid. If so, see below.

Have you had a piece of fruit that dripped off your elbows lately?


3 thoughts on “Ripe for Resolution

  1. Hi MCK. Just reading your blog makes me feel I’m not alone in making those resolutions happen. In my case, it’s not a month but good two years to realize I really wanted to become an instructional designer/eLearning developer. I’ve been an elearning enthusiast for quite a while and I know I’d like my career path go down the eLearning industry lane.

    Anyway, one resolution I have is to create my first elearning course (which is ongoing at the moment), and then be active in blogging elearning stuff. I also kind of wanna do your 60-day writing challenge (hope it’s okay) but merely focus on elearning just so I’d be committed to doing the blogging elearning stuff. That human weakness of just starting and not finishing something, “ningas kugon” in my language, often get the best of me so challenging myself and be committed to it might help out a bit.

    I hope that your resolution will not only be ripe for picking, but also be sweet enough once you’ve taken the fruits of your labor. Thanks for the inspiration and let’s get moving for 2015. 🙂

    • Yza, it’s so nice of you to write. You’re certainly not alone and congrats on making things happen. We can’t change yesterday, so we might as well do our best from this moment moving forward.

      Have you join the 60-day challenge? More than okay! I’m sure I’m not the first, nor last, to do something like this. The more the merrier. And in the end, it means that we’re helping each other move closer to making something that matters 🙂

      • Yup, let’s do our best to move forward. 🙂 I’m currently doing the elearning project and once done, probably I’ll start on the 60-day writing challenge. Thanks and happy new year!

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