Take Your Shot

Before this year’s edition of March Madness, the last time I watched this much basketball was sometime close to the turn of the millennium. College basketball has its reputation for bringing out more emotion than the average sporting event. The emotion and the energy of it all is incredible – and I’ve loved every minute of it.

I knew I’d love the games, and likely be moved by the games going down to the wire with teams with incredible chemistry and seniors out there trying to fulfill their collegiate basketball dreams.

But I did not expect to be moved by commentary about players on the court that is equally applicable to many of us athletes in the game of life.

The comment I took away today was about a player who was no longer just taking shots, he was taking shots that were right for him. It’s not just about making shots, but about taking shots one is capable of making. And what a difference that made in the way he played the game – his game.

What shots are you just taking? And what shots are you meant to make? What’s your shot? What’s your game?


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